Wide Wood Slabs

This huge old maple showed burls on the outside, so we were anxious to saw into it and see the unique graining.
Among our specialty wood products, our wide wood slabs capture loads of attention. Sometimes we are surprised (and delighted) when we cut a huge old tree trunk. The patterns and colors are amazing, when we find highly figured wood characteristics like flecks, burls, curls, flames, and the incredible variety of textures in the grain.

These photos show some interesting examples, as well as a few samples of the unique custom furnishing products which our inhouse craftsmen have recently created.

Even in a raw state, slabs from the maple revealed magnificent character, with pieces measuring up to 48" wide and 144" long!

Imagine our delight when we sawed this old trunk and discovered rare and unique Flamed Box Elder, with bright red graining!

We used a solid oak slab to create this stunning custom 6' x 12' kitchen island top (we did the circle sawn hickory floor too!)

Our slabs are highly sought for contemporary furnishings also, as with this cherry slab table we created on a custom metal base.
Add this focal point to your living room... a gorgeous massive hemlock slab coffee table on a base of reclaimed oak.
A large white oak slab with unusual curves is transformed by Everhart Lumber into a one-of-a-kind dining or board room table.

Visit our showroom to see pieces like these in person and watch our slideshow on how we rescue massive hardwood trees and create distinctive custom slabs furniture.


Pine Garland, Pine Sprays, Pine Trees

Getting in the spirit of the season? Looking for pine garland, pine sprays, pine trees, etc to decorate for the holiday season? We have long needle pine garland, sprays, and pine trees in different sizes with real pine cones that may be just what you are looking for to meet your decorating needs. Need extra large pines cones....we have those too that we use to fill up small birch table top canoes? Adding red christmas tree ornaments to the canoe makes the canoe very special.

Adding red colored christmas ornaments to any of your pine needle type decorations will bring that extra color needed to complete the look you may be wanting. You can do this without spending a lot of money!

Lots of New Furniture Pulls, Towel Bars/Rings and Paper Toilet Holders

We are pleased to report we now have a lot of new metal pulls for furniture and cabinets (bears, elk, western styles, etc.). We continute to carry the elk horm-like pulls and knobs.

We have also added several new lines of towel bar/ring holders and toilet paper holders. Many come in a black or brown aged color. Styles include designs of bears, moose, elk, and pine cones. We also have them in westen designs such as horses, cownboys/girls, etc. Most of these items have been made here in East Tennessee.


Bedroom Funiture from Reclaimed Barnwood Lumber

We are making some beautiful furniture from reclaimed lumber from old barns being torn down in the East Tennessee area and as well as from other areas of the south. Some of these barns were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Normally, the lumber from these barns is either pine or oak. Being shown is a bedroom set we recently made for a customer that includes a bed with headboard/footboard with Poplar Bark inserts, night stands, and highboy dresser. We made a flat bench to use at the end of bed that is also made from reclaimed barnwood lumber. Please view the video by the customer, Corrina, for more details about this furniture and other items she has used in decorating her East Tennessee home.


Meet Our Master Furniture Makers

Everhart Lumber Company offers custom made wood furniture created at our company by our master furniture makers. If you can think of it, our furniture makers can make it. We are also glad to offer our service to help in completing the design of the furniture piece. We are able to offer many different types of wood (walnut, maple, pine, cherry, etc.) to select from for that special piece including reclaimed wood from the past. We will work with you on the right type of finish to complete the look of the piece of furniture. You can see many examples of our furniture on our web site.

Church Pew from Reclaimed Barnwood Lumber

One of the most popular items we offer in the furniture gallery is the church pew. The church pew is made out of reclaimed barnwood acquired from the local East Tennessee area. The length of the church pew is approximately 5 feet in length and is being offered at $450.00. Since the church pew is made in our furniture shop by our master furniture makers, we can also offer this piece of furniture in different lengths, based on the customer's needs. Please call us at 423-253-2323 with any questions you may have about the church pew.


Custom Made Furniture

This oversized dresser is one of our new pieces of Custom Made Furniture from reclaimed lumber and other unique character wood products. The handcrafted, heirloom quality wood furniture is built to last generations - and made in USA. Each piece is designed and built to reflect the customer’s desire for something unique and different, and to fill their exact size and use requirements. The furniture is made by local master furniture makers, with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Notice the Poplar Bark used to accent the fronts of the drawers... another custom product available from Everhart Lumber.

You'll see many other unique pieces of furniture, as well as decorative accessories, in our Showroom. Come visit soon.