Wide Wood Slabs

This huge old maple showed burls on the outside, so we were anxious to saw into it and see the unique graining.
Among our specialty wood products, our wide wood slabs capture loads of attention. Sometimes we are surprised (and delighted) when we cut a huge old tree trunk. The patterns and colors are amazing, when we find highly figured wood characteristics like flecks, burls, curls, flames, and the incredible variety of textures in the grain.

These photos show some interesting examples, as well as a few samples of the unique custom furnishing products which our inhouse craftsmen have recently created.

Even in a raw state, slabs from the maple revealed magnificent character, with pieces measuring up to 48" wide and 144" long!

Imagine our delight when we sawed this old trunk and discovered rare and unique Flamed Box Elder, with bright red graining!

We used a solid oak slab to create this stunning custom 6' x 12' kitchen island top (we did the circle sawn hickory floor too!)

Our slabs are highly sought for contemporary furnishings also, as with this cherry slab table we created on a custom metal base.
Add this focal point to your living room... a gorgeous massive hemlock slab coffee table on a base of reclaimed oak.
A large white oak slab with unusual curves is transformed by Everhart Lumber into a one-of-a-kind dining or board room table.

Visit our showroom to see pieces like these in person and watch our slideshow on how we rescue massive hardwood trees and create distinctive custom slabs furniture.