Pine Garland, Pine Sprays, Pine Trees

Getting in the spirit of the season? Looking for pine garland, pine sprays, pine trees, etc to decorate for the holiday season? We have long needle pine garland, sprays, and pine trees in different sizes with real pine cones that may be just what you are looking for to meet your decorating needs. Need extra large pines cones....we have those too that we use to fill up small birch table top canoes? Adding red christmas tree ornaments to the canoe makes the canoe very special.

Adding red colored christmas ornaments to any of your pine needle type decorations will bring that extra color needed to complete the look you may be wanting. You can do this without spending a lot of money!

Lots of New Furniture Pulls, Towel Bars/Rings and Paper Toilet Holders

We are pleased to report we now have a lot of new metal pulls for furniture and cabinets (bears, elk, western styles, etc.). We continute to carry the elk horm-like pulls and knobs.

We have also added several new lines of towel bar/ring holders and toilet paper holders. Many come in a black or brown aged color. Styles include designs of bears, moose, elk, and pine cones. We also have them in westen designs such as horses, cownboys/girls, etc. Most of these items have been made here in East Tennessee.